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CFaR Research Summaries and Articles of Interest

* indicates CFaR research

*The Charge of the Rate Brigade: A Rate Template for In-House Construction Labor, Donald J. Guckert and Jeri Ripley King

Maintaining Employee Health and Regulatory Compliance in Lean Times, Christopher K. Ahoy & David Ballard

What is Current Replacement Value and Why Should You Care?, by Theodore J. Weidner, Ph.D., P.E., AIA

* Where Do You Lead From?, by Frederic J. Gratto

Quality Measurement in a Facilities Management Environment, by Richard W. Robben, P.E.

The Ever Changing Campus: Pedagogy, Technology, and Facilities, by Arthur J. Lidsky, AICP

History of the Facility Condition Index, by Robert G. Brooks, P.E.

The Needs Index: A New and Improved FCI, by David A. Cain, Ph.D., and Maggie Kinnaman

Understanding the U.S. Power Grid: Steps Toward a Stronger Electrical Power Network, by Mohammad H. Qayoumi, Ph.D., P.E.

A New Model for Utility Operations at the University of Arkansas, by L. Scott Turley

Class Laboratories: Space Use and Utilization, by Ira Fink, Ph.D., FAIA

Higher Education—Private Benefit or Public Good?, by E. Lander Medlin

Theory of Everything—FM Style, by Robert G. Brooks, P.E.

Physical Asset Management: Past, Present, and Future, by Jeffrey L. Campbell, Ph.D.

The High Cost of Building a Better University, by Donald J. Guckert & Jeri Ripley King

* Implementing the Capital Plan, by William A. Daigneau

* Workplace Violence in Higher Education, by Edward D. Rice

Energy: An Overview, by Mohammad H. Qayoumi, Ph.D.

Product Based Management, by William A. Daigneau

The Future of Facilities Management, by William A. Daigneau

APPA’s Research Initiative

Information and Research Committee Shakes Things Up, by Vickie Younger [May/June 2004]

Why Perform an FMEP?, by David A. Cain, Ph.D. [March/April 2004]

Code Advocacy for the Educational Facilities Profession, by Thomas W. Jaeger, P.E. [January/February 2004]

Introducing the Center for Facilities Research, by Maggie Kinnaman & Gary L. Reynolds [September/October 2003]

Why Do We Need Facilities Research?, by Theodore J. Weidner, Ph.D., P.E., AIA [September/October 2003]

Center for Facilities Research (CFaR)—Opening New Opportunities, by Rod Rose [September/October 2002]

A Call for Leadership in Research, by E. Lander Medlin [July/August 2000]

APPA’s Professional Leadership Center: A Giant Step Toward the Future, by Douglas K. Christensen [January/February 2000]

Charting the Future: A Research Agenda for APPA, by William A. Daigneau [January/February 1999]

Introducing APPA’s Professional Leadership Center, by Douglas K. Christensen [January/February 1998]

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