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Contact APPA's staff for any questions regarding membership, programs, or publications at 703-684-1446 or via email.

Staff Contact Information

Lander Medlin

Executive Vice President
E. Lander Medlin
Phone: 703-542-3829
Fax: 703-542-3789
Email: Lander@appa.org

Chief staff officer of the association. Contact for the Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP). Serves as staff liaison to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.

Direna Cousins

Membership Manager
Direna Cousins
Phone: 703-542-3821
Fax: 703-542-3794
Email: Direna@appa.org

Supports membership recruitment and retention, new member inquiries, invoicing, and other customer service questions.  Provides outreach support for regional and chapter events and projects.

Anita Dosik

Associate Director of Publications
Anita Dosik

Phone: 703-542-3837
Fax: 703-542-3782
Email: Anita@appa.org

Managing editor of Facilities Manager, production manager of the APPA BOK (Body of Knowledge), and manager of the APPA Bookstore. Manages the development and production of a full range of print and online materials.

Steve Glazner

Director of Knowledge Management
Steve Glazner
Phone: 703-542-3836
Fax: 703-542-3791
Email: Steve@appa.org

Directs book, periodical, and research development, including the BOK (Body of Knowledge). Editor of Facilities Manager and Inside APPA. Staff liaison to the SRAPPA region, Information and Research Committee, the Center for Facilities Research (CFaR), and the BOK Editorial Board.

Suzanne Healy

Director of Professional Development
Suzanne M. Healy
Phone: 703-542-3833
Fax: 703-542-3792
Email: Suzanne@appa.org

Directs APPA's professional development program- ming initiatives through the Supervisor’s Toolkit, Institute for Facilities Management, Leadership Academy, and Annual Meeting. Coordinates corporate development opportunities through the APPA’s tradeshow and sponsorship initiatives. Staff liaison to the MAPPA region and the Professional Development Committee.

Christina Hills

Director of Credentialing and Benchmarking
Christina Hills 
Phone: 703-542-3844
Fax: 703-542-3783
Email: Christina@appa.org

Directs APPA's credentialing and certification effort, including the Certified Educational Facilities Professional (CEFP) and Educational Facilities Professional (EFP). Oversees the annual Facilities Performance Indicators (FPI) survey and report. Staff liaison to the CAPPA region, the Credentialing Board, the Professional Affairs Committee, and the Awards and Recognition Committee.

Holly Judd

Human Resources Director & FMEP Administrator
R. Holly Judd
Phone: 703-542-3834
Fax: 703-542-3786
Email: Holly@appa.org

Directs the coordination and evaluation of human resources functions, supports EVP, and is administrator for the Facilities Management Evaluation Program (FMEP).

Corey Newman

Associate Director of Professional Development
Corey Newman
Phone: 703-542-3828
Fax: 703-542-3785
Email: Corey@appa.org

Manages logistics and promotions for all APPA professional development programs, conferences and events. Areas of responsibility include the APPA Supervisor's Toolkit, Facilities Drive-In Workshops, APPA Annual Conference and Exposition, Institute for Facilities Management, and Leadership Academy.

Kelly Ostergrant

Credentialing Coordinator
Kelly Ostergrant
Phone: 703-542-3835
Fax: 703-542-3797
Email: Kelly@appa.org

Manage and maintain the day-to-day content and delivery responsibilities of two certification and credentialing programs.  Provide secondary staff support to the APPA Board for Educational Facilities Professionals Certification.

Jeannine Fischer

Accounting Services Manager
Jeannine Shively
Phone: 703-542-3822
Fax: 703-542-3793
Email: Jeannine@appa.org

Serves as the internal accounting services coordinator for day-to-day financial accounting needs. Supports the programs with their accounting services needs and issues.

Kristin Witters

Director of Membership and Outreach
Kristin Witters
Phone: 703-542-3832
Fax: 703-542-3795
Email: Kristin@appa.org

Responsible for the recruitment, retention of institutions and business partners in all of membership. Reviews membership needs, coordinates the development and implementation of membership marketing campaigns. Oversees database, records management and assesses current and future requirements. Staff liaison to the APPA Membership Committee, RMA and PCAPPA regions.

Billie Zidek

Standards and Codes Administrator
Billie Zidek
Phone: 703-542-3846
Fax: 703-542-3798
Email: Billie@appa.org

Serves as the administrator of APPA's Standards and Codes Council and its Standard Work Groups.