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The Business Partner Committee's role is to identify effective ways by which APPA International and regions can enhance their relationships with business partner members, and to further the goals of member institutions, affiliates, and the entire APPA membership organization. The Committee seeks to continually evaluate, validate and promote the value of APPA membership and participation among members of the business partner community. To accomplish this charge, the Committee solicits and receives feedback from all Business Partners supporting APPA and its various regions. What is more, the Committee strives to offer creative thinking and innovative ideas that support the purpose and values of APPA International. View Business Partner Advisory Committee expectations.

Committee Members

Co-chair and APPA Immediate Past President: Chuck Scott, Illinois State University
Co-chair and APPA At-Large Board Member: Nina Wollman, JACOBS

Committee Members:
CAPPA: Armand Harpin, IMEG Corporation
ERAPPA: Amy Baker, DIGroup Architecture
MAPPA: Jamie Tran, Belfor
SRAPPA: Brian Wright, Mitsubishi Electric
RMA: Jackie McGill, Spectrum Engineers
At-Large: Kevin Raasch, AssetWorks

Staff Liaisons: 
Suzanne Healy, Director of Professional Development

Committee Projects and Actions