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APPAinfo is an email discussion list for educational facilities professionals. Here you can find the answers to many of your everyday problems simply by posting a question to your peers. How should your school handle graffiti and vandalism? How can you creatively deal with customer service issues? What strategies are you using to tell the facilities story to your senior campus administrators? The possible discussion topics are endless. Just ask!

focuses on all campus facilities issues, regardless of size or type of school or organization. The APPA discussion list seeks to broaden your resource base by making it easier to interact with and respond to the needs of facilities professionals. Join APPAinfo today; 1,040 subscribers and growing!

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Recent Topics and Resources from the APPAinfo List

Attachments and Handouts Shared by List Members

* Providing Excellent Customer Service (CU Boulder PowerPoint presentation)


ListNotes: An Occasional Column in Facilities Manager

* ADA Guidelines, Electric Cars, and Energy Partners, compiled by Sarah Dosik







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