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Business Partner Membership

Business Partner membership is open to all corporations who provide products and services to the facilities management marketplace or who have an interest in reaching facilities managers in the education environment.


At APPA, we believe that the quality of academic programming is directly related to the quality of the educational facility. APPA enables educational institutions to share, elevate, and transform the learning environment. APPA provides training and professional development, performance measurement, and evaluation tools, standards, best practices, research, credentialing, and thought leadership to more than 10,000 educational facilities professionals from more than 1,300 learning institutions.

We provide the place for members to keep pace with the ever-changing and ever-growing demands of the profession. APPA will be increasingly relevant as current members and future generations of facilities managers pursue lifelong learning as a means of addressing the challenges of educational facilities funding, adapting to the evolving workplace and workforce dynamics, adopting new and effective means of communication, and applying technology, analytics, and artificial intelligence in building the smart campuses of tomorrow.

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Join the APPA educational facilities community!  The APPA and regional membership year is April 1 to March 31. Download the membership application

Business Partner membership fee structure:

APPA membership:

1 (1 representative; no associates) is $1,575.

6 (1 representative; 5 associates) plus one region (free) is $3,200.

Unlimited (1 representative; unlimited associates) and all 6 regions at no additional charge is $6,500*.

Additional Associate members are $400 per person.

*associates may not include contracted employees at educational facilities (ex. Colleges, universities, K-12)

Regional membership:

Should you choose to add additional regional memberships or join only a region, below are the costs:




Region only - $600; If APPA member, $500


Region only – 10% of APPA dues; $0 if APPA member


Region only - $500; $100 if APPA member




Region only - $200; $0 if APPA member

APPA Business Partner membership benefits:

Additional membership benefits at a reduced cost:

Regional Business Partner member benefits may be found on the regions page.

Earn Strategic Business Partner designation:

APPA Business Partners accumulate points for each commitment they make to support APPA through advertising, exhibiting, sponsorships, etc. Take advantage of all of your APPA member benefits to accrue points and work towards earning your Strategic Business Partner designation.

Still unsure about joining?  Contact APPA membership staff at membership@appa.org.