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Registration will begin on June 3, 2019

Leadership Academy
September 10 - 12, 2019
Sheraton Music City Hotel
777 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37214  


BONUS: As an Academy registrant, we are offering you a complimentary seat in the following program (You MUST pre-register to attend):
Leading Your Facilities Organization through an Age of Transformational Change
September 9, 2019
8:00am – 4:30pm

Higher Education facilities organizations are facing changes and challenges at a pace unlike those experienced in previous generations. Entrenched and established views in the profession are being overturned by accelerating changes in funding models, technology advances, shifting workforce demographics, and strategic stewardship and master planning. This workshop will prepare facilities professional to effectively lead their facilities management organizations in this age of accelerations. For more information on this special offering, visit us here.

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The Academy is a unique experience. The Academy will expand your ability to be an effective leader. The Academy promotes the concepts and skills needed to be a life-long learner, not just in leadership but in your whole life. This should be a “game changer” in your life.

The Academy is designed as an adult learning experience. This means that there are many activities YOU will be asked to participate in such as: organizing a cohort group, presenting group thought and ideas, leading a discussion on a given topic, listening to content delivery, expressing new solutions to old problems, etc. This style requires that you participate but more importantly that you are growing as a leader. You will have the same set of facilitator’s the whole week. They will be there to monitor and present skills and knowledge needed at that level of learning. They will facilitate and help you learn but the real learn is up to you.

We want the Academy to make a difference in your life. Please take time to know and understand the concepts. LEADERSHIP can be learned and applied to any role in your life; Professional or Personal. LEADERSHIP is CHOICE not a position. Choosing what is RIGHT is a result of good leadership principles , practices, and choices. ENJOY the experience.
- Paula Farnsworth, Dean of the Academy

The four levels that comprise the Leadership Academy are:
Level I: Individual Effectiveness Skills

Level I helps your institution achieve sustained superior results by focusing on making individual leaders more effective. The most successful teams and organizations are led and driven by the character, strengths, and talents of their individual members. Developing that strength of character and releasing individual potential is an inside-out process. This level helps participants explore their values and highest priorities, increase productivity by staying focused on those priorities, improve leadership skills and trust-based relationships, and achieve a healthy work/life balance. Participants will discover that the pursuit of effectiveness will have enduring positive impacts on both their personal and professional lives. This level includes a 360-degree benchmark providing participants with feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports and clear indicators of their top strengths as well as areas to target for improvement.

Skills Learned
  • Leaders learn effective leaders are not victims, But are responsible and accountable for their actions and subsequent consequence.
  • Leaders learn to live by a personal vision, mission, and values commitment that serves to guide their life.
  • Leaders learn that credibility and integrity stem from personal trustworthiness that is demonstrated in all they say and do.


Level II: Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

Effective managers use interpersonal and team skills to motivate, communicate, and inspire those around them. This Level focuses on understanding the dynamics of working together, successful ways to sustain Trust which can be used to support successful relationships and team efforts. Level II will help you hone the skills needed to make you not only an effective leader, but also an effective manager.

Skills Learned
  • Leaders learn to use the Four Cores of Creditability to build trusting relationships.
  • Leaders learn how to apply leadership skills that are essential in todays workplace.
  • Leaders will discover how to build relationships by using the 13 behaviors of a High Trust Culture.
    Leaders learn the importance of their individual style, and knowing others style, in building relationships
Level III: Managerial Effectiveness Skills

In this level, participants develop and strengthen leadership skills while learning basic principles for organizational and managerial effectiveness. Attendees experience a dynamic learning environment utilizing engaging discussion groups, learning games, discovery exercises, synergy, and project collaboration. The content of this program complements and builds upon the individual skills learned in Level I and the interpersonal skills developed in Level II.

Skills Learned
  • Leaders learn how to apply leadership skills that are essential in todays workplace.
  • Leaders master strategies for handling and ultimately solving difficult conversations and situations.
  • Leaders learn how to Model strong leadership skills through knowing their own strengths and compliment the strengths of others.
Level IV: Organizational Effectiveness Skills

One of the main objectives of the Leadership Academy is to build leadership skills into the whole organization. As we prepare and demonstrate leadership from all employees, our influence and trust will increase within our institutions. The skills we have to change and develop organizations will require us to be at the institutional decision table helping to guide and manage the assets of the institution. Level IV prepares you with the organizational skills needed to sit at the table to provide excellent learning environments.

Skills Learned
  • Leaders learn how to expand their set of leadership skills to include a stakeholder strategy, organizational process aligned systems.
  • Leaders learn how to determine, reinforce, and build an effective team that is results-driven and stakeholder oriented.
  • Leaders learn how to align systems, structures, and processes for greater, long term effectiveness.

If you have any further questions regarding registration, please contact APPA’s Professional Development Department at education@appa.org.

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