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Continuous Learning Offerings - Preparing for Every Future

APPA’s Continuous Learning Series (CLS) is aimed at providing you more immediate access to the information, training, and peer-to-peer learning you will need during this age of accelerations. It will enable facilities professionals to access the most relevant and current knowledge available on a wide range of topics and across a number platforms and mediums.

These groupings of one and three-day workshops are part of a platform designed to offer educational facilities professionals increased opportunities to pursue life-long learning to address the myriad challenges they face in a world that is transforming at an accelerated rate and pace. Educational facilities professionals will not only need to adapt more quickly to changing skillset requirements; it will be imperative to adopt and leverage smart building systems technologies, given building sensing capabilities and Big Data/ predictive analytics tools.

We are grateful for the partnering most recently with ASHRAE & COAA for our January 2019 offerings. Check back often as we announce our next series of continuous learning offerings.

APPA’s Continuous Learning Series (CLS) is proudly sponsored by:


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