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Continuing education and professional development are important tools for the enhancement of one's career in the educational facilities profession. All six regions of APPA offer generous scholarships each year to individuals who have achieved a notable level of professional growth and are looking to take the next steps.

PLEASE NOTE: The primary APPA programs for which scholarships are available are the twice-yearly, four-track Institute for Facilities Management, and the twice-yearly, four-track Leadership Academy. For information and criteria specific to your region, please contact the representative listed below.

Region Scholarship URL Contact Person Contact Email
ERAPPA ERAPPA Scholarships Patricia Smith, The College of New Jersey


CAPPA CAPPA Continuing Education Grant Information Scott Turley, University of Arkansas at Fayetville

Ben Boslaugh, Missouri State University

MAPPA MAPPA Scholarships Jim Bogan, University of Wisconsin/Madison james.bogan@wisc.edu

PCAPPA Scholarships

Eric Johnson, University of Southern California


RMA RMA Scholarships Steven Gasser, University of Calgary sdgasser@ucalgary.ca
SRAPPA SRAPPA Scholarship Rebecca Griffith, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University griffitr@erau.edu