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Supervisor's Toolkit has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the facilities management professional.  It is a structured, open-ended, and pragmatic approach to developing supervisors.  It is not so much a teach program as a development process, designed to help supervisors realize both personal and professional growth. The program is designed as a full week of training.

Current Offerings

Region Location Dates Cost Registration Details
SRAPPA University of Tennessee Knoxvile April 29 - May 3, 2019 $499 Register Now!  
SRAPPA Mississippi State University May 13-16, 2019 $499 Register Now!  
SRAPPA University of Charleston June 3-7, 2019 $499 Register Now!  
PCAPPA University of Oregon June 24-26, 2019 $475 Register Now! Click Here
SRAPPA Middle Georgia State University June 10-14, 2019 $499 Register Now!  
SRAPPA University of Tennessee - Martin June 24-28, 2019 $499 Register Now!  
SRAPPA Liberty University July 15-19, 2019 $499 Register Now!  
SRAPPA University of Richmond October 21-25, 2019 $499 Register Now!  

If you need to cancel a registration and receive a refund, please contact the region where the Toolkit is taking place.

Toolkit Information

A. Michelle Frederick - Dean of APPA Toolkit
Michelle Frederick is the Training and Organizational Manager for Facilities and Administrative Services at American University. Mrs. Frederick conducts needs assessments, curriculum development, course design, and classroom training for facilities employees. Michelle came to American University from the Smithsonian Institution where she was the Training Specialist for the Office of Physical Plant for 9 years. She is a graduate of the University of Maryland and a graduate of the Training Specialist Certificate program at Georgetown University. In June 2001, Michelle graduated from the Human Performance Improvement Certificate program through the American Society for Training and Development. Michelle has presented at several local chapters, regional and international APPA meetings. She was also an active member of the Supervisor's Toolkit Committee.

Wally E. Glasscock
Wally Glasscock has over 30 years of experience in Human Resources, including 13 years in the facilities environment as Assistant Director of Human Resources at the University of Maryland-College Park.  His responsibilities included employee training, employment, labor relations, safety, and benefits. Wally has experience as a professional trainer for a consulting firm, a director of training for a supermarket chain, high school counselor, an educator, and a director of two government programs. Wally presently is a faculty member at the APPA Institute for Facilities Management and chaired the committee that developed the Supervisor's Toolkit: Nuts and Bolts of Facilities Supervision, a management and development training program for facility personnel sponsored by APPA.

Carol Trexler
Carol Trexler, Associate Director, Facilities Human Resources, has over 17 years of experience at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. She is responsible for administering all aspects of human resources and analyzing and implementing professional development programs for the Facilities Division. A graduate of Montclair State University, she has been active in ERAPPA, having served as newsletter editor, videotape library administrator, and chair of the Education Committee. Carol has also been the ERAPPA rep to the APPA Training Programs Committee and was a member of the Supervisor's Toolkit Committee.

Nancy Yeroshefsky
Nancy Yeroshefsky, Associate Director of Facilities Management, Human Resources at the University of Maryland College Park, has nearly thirty years of HR experience; over twenty-three years in facilities management. She is responsible for the management of all human resources activities for an organization of over 800 employees. Nancy has her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Human Resources. Nancy was a co-developer of APPA’s Supervisor’s Toolkit: Nuts and Bolts of Facilities Supervision and is a Master facilitator for that program. Nancy has experience providing training in a variety of areas, including leadership, communication, customer service, motivation, respect and civility.

Meet the Qualifed Trainers

The following is a listing be region of current Qualified APPA Toolkit Trainers:

Hilda Cordero
Kim Graves
Glen Haubold
Rodger LaBeth
Steve McClain
Susi Mickey
Zainudeen Popoola
Larry Schmid
Vickie Younger

Jim Chodak
Judy Clay
Michelle Lewis
Rick Magere
Charlie Nieves
Julie Stitt
Carol Trexler
Casey Wick
Nancy Yeroshefsky

Amy Carnahan
Thomas Fallwell
Mike Hamilton
Clinton Johnson
Cathy Koebrick
Ruthann Manlet
Randy Sutherlin

Bob Andrews
Jason Wang

Shawna Code
Germain Costa
Kelsey Draper Jenna Elmer
Tom Garza
Kathia (Kat) Gin
Glen Haubold
Cloriza Lomeli
Janae Nelson
David Patten
Robert Reeder
Josh Spear
Lindsay Wagner
Eric Waterfall
Kyle Williams

Casey Charepoo
David Hatch
Thomas Jones
Viron Lynch
David Schmidt
Brian Wormwood
Tim Yorkey

If you are interested in scheduling one of the Quailifed Trainers to conduct training on your campus or within your region, please email Corey Newman at corey@appa.org,

If you are interested in becoming an APPA Qualified Trainer, please contact Corey Newman today!

The educational facilities workplace has been transformed in recent years by a variety of forces.  Intense competition, advancing technology, changing values, and a global economy have created new possibilities as well as challenges.  This transformation is changing the nature of management and the roles of supervisors.

Supervisors must develop a systematic approach toward organizing, managing, motivating, and meeting customer expectations.  The traditional role of the supervisor/manager is no longer adequate. The new business environment demands leadership.

Why Supervisor's Toolkit?
Supervisor's Toolkit has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the facilities management professional.  It is a structured, open-ended, and pragmatic approach to developing supervisors.  It is not so much a teaching program as a development process, designed to help supervisors realize both personal and professional growth. The program is designed for a full week of training.


This unique program, taught by Master and Qualified Trainers, is tailored specifically toward the education facilities professional. All training materials used and distributed for this session, from the videos that depict real-life work examples to PowerPoint presentations, use facilities language so that participants can relate to what is being taught. You can bring this exciting program to your campus for *$995 a person (this price includes all class materials, Certificate of Completion, and training fees for two APPA Master Trainers). Minimum class size is 25; let APPA help you promote this program to nearby colleges, universities, and schools.

*Additional fees are billed to hosting Institution.

For more information
Call: 703-684-1446 ext. 228
Visit: www.appa.org/training
Email: toolkit@appa.org

Module 1: Supervision, What Is It?
Learn to define effective facilities supervision; identify the roles and responsibilities of supervisors; and understand four key functions of supervision.
Module 2: It's More Than "Adminis-trivia."
Learn to understand the supervisor's role in administering organizational policy and procedures; recognize the legal considerations in the facilities environment; and gain an awareness of resource management.
Module 3: Communication, Let's Talk!
Identify barriers to effective communication; demonstrate communication skills; and understand your role in the communication process.
Module 4: If It Weren't for the People.
Understand the importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships with others in the workplace; examine the different types of relationships that exist in the workplace; and identify strategies and skills for improving relationships with others.
Module 5: Motivation and Performance.
Identify methods of training and developing employees; ascertain methods of positive reinforcement; and understand the importance of performance management and evaluation.
Module 6: Customer Service Triangle.
Learn to create a basic understanding of the three major aspects of customer service process, experience, and recovery; examine the role of the supervisor in customer service; and help participants identify areas for improvement in service delivery in their organizations.
Module 7: Leadership-Tools for success.
Master techniques to understand critical elements of leadership; transition from managing, to managing and leading; and understand your own preferred leadership style.

AmyCarnahanMichigan State UniversityMAPPAamy.carnahan@hotmail.com231-313-0244
Casey Charepoo Georgia Institute of Technology SRAPPA casey.charepoo@facilities.gatech.edu  
Jim Chodak University of Rochester ERAPPA james.chodak@rochester.edu 585-442-2940
JudyClayIndependent ConsultantERAPPAjudyrich_2000@yahoo.com585-461-0025
MichelleFrederickAmerican UniversityERAPPAmfrederi@american.edu202-885-2689
WallyGlasscockIndependent ConsultantSRAPPAwallyg2@verizon.net
Clinton Johnson Cleveland State University MAPPA c.j.johnson87@csuohio.edu  
Michelle Lewis University of Rochester ERAPPA mlewis@facilities.rochester.edu 585-273-5825
RuthannManletUniveristy of MinnesotaMAPPAmanle001@umn.edu
Charlie Nieves NJ Institute of Technology ERAPPA nieves@njit.edu 973-596-5721
SuePetrisinMichigan State UniversityMAPPApetrisin@msu.edu
ShawnaRowleyWeber State UniversityRMAsrowley@weber.edu
CarolTrexlerRutgers UniversityERAPPActrexler@facilities.rutgers.edu
DanYannaShepherd UniversitySRAPPAdyanna@shepherd.edu
NancyYeroshefskyUniversity of MD College ParkERAPPAnyero@fm.umd.edu
GlenHauboldNew Mexico State UniversityRMA / CAPPAghaubold@nmsu.edu575-646-4745
StephenMcClainUniversity of ArkansasCAPPAsmcclain@uark.edu479-841-0425
TomJonesClemson UniversitySRAPPAtwjones@clemson.edu864-656-4940
LindsayWagnerNorthern Arizona UniversityRMAlindsay.wagner@nau.edu928-600-3030
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Arrangements details are typically available on regional websites hosting the Supervisor's Toolkit.

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